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School Program

KTP Racquet Club is fully equipped to host your school at our professional racquet facility. We offer an immersive program where students can learn and enjoy badminton and/or pickleball. We accept students as young as grade 2 to come participate in our school programs. School programs are completely customizable. You can come and learn the game by booking a session with a coach, or you can reserve the courts and come and play or organize matches or a tournament with your students. If booking a session with a coach, tudents will learn some of the basics of how to play the game during their session. In badminton, this may include the serve, net shot, lift, drive, clear and/or drop shot. In pickleball, this may include the serve, forehand, backhand, and/or volley. The more sessions that a class books with us, the more in depth the lessons will get.

Why choose us?

KTP Racquet Club is dedicated to offering a unique, professional and memorable experience. We have many benefits of coming to our facility for a session!

  • NCCP certified coaches

  • One-of-a-kind facility with 6 professional courts

  • We supply all of the required equipment

  • Sessions are offered in French or English

  • Options to play badminton or pickleball

We sell equipment

We carry a variety of equipment that is affordable and durable, with special pricing for local schools.

Some of what we have in stock includes:

  • Racquets

  • Shuttles

  • Nets

  • Protective eyewear

  • Carrying bags

  • Racquet carts

To learn more, please contact us directly!

Program Cost

Our goal is to help grow these sports by introducing them to as many people as possible and working with our local schools.

Our pricing varies based on the number of sessions being booked, and if a coach is being booked for the session as well. To learn more about pricing, please contact us dicrectly.

Host your next tournament here!

With 6 courts and a facility dedicated to racquet sports, we want to support our schools by offering to host their events at our club. If you are organizing a tournament, or are thinking of hosting one, contact us! We are more than happy to work with you to bring your event to our club.

We also host a few junior tournaments each year, namely the KTP Junior Tournament (targeting athletes in grade 5-12 - open to school and club athletes, any skill level), as well as the KTP Elementary and Intermediate School Tournaments (targeting grades 4-8 - open to local area school athletes).

To learn more visit the Tournaments tab.

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