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Junior Match Night

The Junior Match Night is intended for kids aged approximately 10-16 who are looking to play weekly badminton matches. This is a unique opportunity where not only kids will be organized to play different matches throughout the evening, but will also get valuable coach feedback by the coaches running the session. This is open to both members and non-members. Please note, it is expected that people attending have played badminton before (beginner-advanced skill levels are welcome), however coaches will not be doing lessons during this session. The feedback provided will be solely rated to match play.

Schedule & Fees

Date: Every Friday from 5:00PM-7:00PM. (athletes may come at 4:30PM if they want to warm-up before the matches begin). Junior Match Night will be canceled from time to time when we host tournaments.

Fees: There are both single session and 10-pass options.


Single session: $12.39+tax

10-pass: $106.19+tax


Single session: $17.70+tax

10-pass: $141.59+tax

Plastic shuttles and 1 feather shuttle per match are supplied. If you need an additional feather shuttle in a match, you must supply it yourself.

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