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Pickleball Lessons

All of KTP Racquet Club's programs focus on introducing the child, teen or adult to sport, to develop their technique and strategy, increase mental toughness, as well as gain self-confidence. All programs are based around fun, yet impactful drills and games where the athlete will be able to see improvement from beginning to end.

Pickleball Training Streams.png

Adult Learn to Play Pickleball Clinic

Next session: Saturday, July 20th, 12PM-2PM
members: $22.12
+tax         non-members: $26.55+tax

Looking to try out pickleball? Maybe you have played a few times before but have never had any formal training? Look no further than our Adult Learn to Play clinic. In this session you will learn some of the basic skills needed to play a match as well as the rules of the game. Athlete/Coach ratio - 8:1.

Intermediate Drill Clinic

Next Session: TBD
Members: $22.12
+tax         non-members: $26.55+tax

This clinic will cover intermediate techniques and drills. Shots such as the drop, the half volley, and net play movement will be covered. This is a great opportunity to hit a lot of pickleballs and focus on technical skills. This clinic is not for beginners, participants should be comfortable playing pickleball, basic court movement and strategy are expected.

Athlete/coach ratio - 8:1.

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