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Badminton Leagues


How does it work? Every two weeks all participating athletes will receive an email with an opponent for that period. All athletes then have two weeks to complete their match (you must self-organize with your opponent). If a match is not completed in the specific period, the players will be allowed to receive a second match in the following period, however an athlete cannot have more than two matches assigned to them at one time.

In the spring, playoffs will be scheduled and prizes awarded for the top players.

Match Rules

  • All matches will be a best 2 of 3 to 21. Win by 2, cap at 30.

  • All competitors must supply their own shuttles (you may use any type of shuttle as long as all competitors agree on it.

  • The match winner is to report the final score by email or text ( or 705-303-7227)

Who can join? The singles and doubles leagues are only available to members of KTP Racquet Club. We create different divisions (rec, comp, youth) based on the number of participants in each league, as well as comparing experience and skill. Players can join at any point during the season.

Fee? FREE!

To register, please contact us directly.

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