We have moved out of 2624 Trout Lake Road. We usually rent school gymnasiums, but this is not possible at this time. We are currently looking at other alternatives and hoping to secure a home for us soon. We are aiming for something to happen in the month of October.

That said, we are not "closed or closing", we are just unable to offer programs at this time. Please do not forget about us, we will be back, better than ever. At this time you can still order products, contact us with questions, etc...

Our entire website is now up to date with ALL of the programs (teams, lessons, tournaments, events, leagues) that we plan to open, if we can secure the facility that we are working daily on getting.

For more updates, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or contact us to join our email list.

Keep spreading the word, we will be back soon and hopefully offering the only fully immersive racquet sport experience in Northern Ontario. Stay tuned as exciting plans may come to fruition soon!!!

Thank you all for you past, present and future support. We wouldn't have made it this far without all of our clients over the years, returning members and just great people that continue to support us and spread the word!


Kurt Tempelmans Plat


Tel: 705-498-9353 (text or call)