Pickleball Lessons

All of KTP Racquet Club's programs focus on introducing the child, teen or adult to sport, to develop their technique and strategy, increase mental toughness, as well as gain self-confidence. All programs are based around fun, yet impactful drills and games where the athlete will be able to see improvement from beginning to end.

Youth and Adult Lessons
Start dates TBD based on when our facility opens

Youth Pickleball Lessons - Ages 12-17

Dates and Times TBD

Youth lessons target beginner-intermediate athletes. Whether you have not played or have some experienced this program is right for you. A wide range of techniques and strategies will be covered with a tiered-drill structure that allows all different levels of players the ability to train together.

Adult Badminton Lessons

Dates and Times TBD

Adult lessons are a great introduction for new pickleball players, but can also provide additional techniques for intermediate athletes. We will cover the basic skills needed to play pickleball, as well as singles and doubles strategies.  Participants in this programs are encouraged to attend the weekly Adult Pickleball Social to use their new skills and play with like-minded individuals.