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Court Rental



*New membership fees effective as of September 1st, 2022.
All memberships begin on the day purchased. For example, a  1-month membership purchased on July 8 would last until August 8.

Additional Membership Perks

  • Drop-in and rental of badminton/pickleball courts at no additional cost.

  • Use of table tennis area at no additional cost.

  • Can reserve courts up to 7 days in advance (only 4 days for non-members).

  • Exclusive use of the shower rooms.

  • Exclusive use of the workout area.

  • Discounts on private and group lessons, lessons, camps and other events.

  • Discounts on exhibition matches.

  • Eligible to participate in the annual Club Championships.

  • Able to rent lockers (view below for more information).


KTP Racquet Club Code of Conduct


KTP Racquet Club always promotes a positive environment, fair play, fun, and good sportsmanship. We seek to provide a welcoming atmosphere for our members and guests.


All people that enter our facility must abide by the following Code of Conduct or will be asked to leave immediately.


  • Everyone will respect one another and treat others equally regardless of age, ability, gender, race, religion, ethnic origin, social status or sexual orientation.

  • Everyone will respect all front desk staff, coaches and volunteers.

  • Zero tolerance for damage or abuse to the facility and equipment.

  • Zero tolerance for insulting, abusive or profane language.

  • Zero tolerance for harassment of any kind.

  • Zero tolerance for racquet or paddle abuse.

  • All will uphold good standards of sportsmanship.

  • All will play within the laws of the game and respect officials and their decisions.

  • Respect allotted court time for reservations, drop-ins, and training.

Club Policies & Etiquette


All people that enter our facility must abide by the club policies and etiquette. Failure to respect these rules may result in expulsion from the club.

  • Clean, non-marking, indoor court shoes are always required upon entering the facility. ABSOLUTELY NO OUTDOOR SHOES are accepted beyond the main entrance.

  • The person that made the court reservation must check-in at the front desk before heading to the courts.

  • Players must supply their own balls or shuttles.

  • Do not rally against the walls at any times.

  • Do not use or warm-up on open courts without asking the front desk.

  • Do not move the benches or bleachers at any time.

  • Anyone under the age of 10 that comes to play must be accompanied by an adult (unless it is for a lesson).

  • Parking is only permitted in the designated areas, or you are at risk of being towed. Please view the parking map on the Contact Us page.

  • When playing pickleball, please loudly and immediately call out “BALL” when your ball rolls onto another court.

  • Wait until play has ended before walking around or behind courts (both for badminton and pickleball). Please move quickly once play has ended.

  • Please respect the drop-in rules and rotation set in place.

  • Anyone that moves a ball barrier must put them back in the designated areas before leaving.

  • If you do not know how to setup the net, please ask the front desk.

Court Rental Policies

  • Court Rentals may be made up to 7-days (on the hour) in advance for members. (4-days in advance for non-members).

  • All payments must be made BEFORE heading to the courts.

  • A standing booking has priority to rebook before the court is opened for general availability.

  • All court rentals that are cancelled within less than 24 hours until their start time will be charged the full court rental fee (this applies to members and non-members).

  • The person that made the court booking must be in attendance. You may not book courts for other people.

  • The person who made the court booking must check-in their party at the front desk, this applies to both members and non-members. If the person that made the booking is not in attendance, they will be restricted from making court bookings for 14 days.

  • We ask that all court rentals be paid by one person and in advance when possible.

  • Anyone who has made a court rental and that fails to show up will be required to pay a $28 fee.

  • When playing with a member, non-members are subject to the following fees:

    • Groups of 2: the non-member pays $14/hour (taxes in)

    • Groups of 3: any non-members pay $10/hour (taxes in)

    • Groups of 4+: any non-members pay $7/hour (taxes in)

Locker Rentals

  • Only members can rent lockers.

  • Lockers may be rented for 1, 6 or 12 months.

  • All members that are renting a locker must supply their own lock.

  • If all lockers have been rented, you may request to be added to our waiting list.

  • Locker Fees:

    • 1-month = $10

    • 6-month = $50

    • 12-month = $75 (taxes included)

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