Anyone using our courts, regardless if for badminton, pickleball or table tennis must pay a drop-in fee, court rental fee or hold a membership.

*Important Play Policies for all Sports*

  • Clean, non-marking, indoor court shoes are required at all times upon entering the facility. ABSOLUTELY NO OUTDOOR SHOES are accepted beyond the main entrance. We hope to have a few pairs of shoes to rent for those that do not have any when coming to play.

  • Drop-in players must play on designated courts. 1-3 courts will be designated as drop-in, this varies depending on day and time.

  • Drop-in players must stick to a rotate and play model, playing for no more than 25 minutes before rotating with other drop-in players. This applies to badminton, pickleball and table tennis.
  • Court Rentals may be made up to 7-days in advance.

  • Anyone making a court rental that fails to show up within the first 15 minutes of their designated time will lose their time and be required to pay the full court rental fee.

  • We kindly ask pickleball players to setup the ball barriers before they begin play and to put them back when done playing.